About Dixie State University

Dixie State University (DSU) strives to help students to define, shape and achieve educational and life goals. It is dedicated to providing personalized and excellent teaching in a learning environment where all students can become passionate about their individual educational endeavors. DSU is a publicly supported institution—authorized by the Utah State Board of Regents—with two interdependent tiers. DSU offers associate degrees and certificate programs that meet the needs of students, the community and the state. The University also offers baccalaureate programs in high demand areas and in core or foundational areas consistent with four-year University's. Dixie State University enhances its campus climate by promoting cultural and demographic diversity, and by inviting students to participate in its open-door, post-secondary educational programs.

Dixie State University
225 S 700 E 84770-3875
St George, Ut
Phone: 435-652-7500
E-mail: Johnsons@dixie.edu